Happiness Coaching

Individual coaching to help you to identify and start living your best life

What is Happiness Coaching?

Happiness Coaching uses a range of techniques to help you to identify what makes you truly happy (and what doesn't!) and take positive steps to help you to start living your best life.
How does Happiness Coaching Work?

Together we will use mindfulness and visualisations, goal setting, affirmations and other techniques to bring about change in a gentle and positive way. We will discover new ways of looking at the different aspects of day to day life and how we can live in a less stressful, more productive way.

We can tailor this therapy to whatever you would like to achieve from it and work on whatever aspect of your life you would like to improve. This could be work/life balance, family, friends or even social life.

Bookable as a minimum of four sessions to ensure you get the maximum benefit from this therapy, and become a happier, more positive, less stressed version of your true self!
If you have any questions please ask!