Hot Stone and Crystal

Relaxing Massage using heated volcanic stones and crystals to soothe away the stress.

Hot Stone Therapy uses the powerful combination of Massage, Heated Volcanic Stones and Cool Crystals to heal the mind and body. The stones are heated in water and used with a combination of massage techniques to introduce heat to tight, aching muscles and to soothe and relax. Crystals have their own healing power and can also be used for massage , and the combination of both is a blissfully relaxing treatment many clients love!

What can I expect from a treatment?

A Hot Stone Back Massage involves massage of the upper and lower back, upper arms, neck and shoulders, using the heated stones for massage and also placement on various points on the upper body. This is a lovely treatment to have just to relax and de-stress, however when muscles are painful heated stones are a very effective treatment. The stones are warm but will not be uncomfortable, everyone has different tolerance to heat and this will be taken into account. The client will be lying on a massage couch, covered by towels and warm and comfortable, with only the area being treated uncovered at any time.

A Hot Stone Foot Massage uses a lovely combination of foot massage using heated stones and crystals, with Reflexology techniques to soothe and heal. Reflexology uses pressure points on the feet which correspond to different areas within the body, and the combination of this with soothing foot massage with the stones can be very powerful, as well as a relaxing treat!

Hot Stone Head Massage is all about the relaxation. The upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, head and face are treated to a soothing massage with warm stones and crystals to relax the muscles and ease tension. A half hour Reiki treatment makes a lovely add on to this treatment, for even more chill time! (£20 extra)

Who will benefit from Hot Stone Therapy?

Like most Complementary Therapies, Hot Stone Therapy is not just a treatment to have when feeling ill, however it can be a very effective natural treatment option for a range of physical and emotional conditions, such as:

Muscular Aches and Pains
Poor Circulation
Headaches/Migraine/Cluster Headaches
Poor Immunity
If you have any questions, please ask!