Indian Head Massage

massage of the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, head and face using a blend of essential oils.

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is an ancient therapy traditionally practiced by Indian families who would pass the knowledge down through each successive generation. Like so many of the therapies we now know as complementary therapies, this treatment has been brought to the West in recent years and the benefits can now be enjoyed by so many more people.

Traditional Indian Head Massage was practiced on the hair and scalp, however the more modern practice tends to focus on the whole upper back, neck, shoulders and upper arms in addition to the head, face and scalp. These areas tend to be the centre of stress and tension which eventually causes pain and other conditions such as Headaches, Anxiety and Insomnia.
What Can I Expect From a Treatment?

The treatment usually takes place with the client seated and can be carried out either fully clothed or with just the shoulders and neck uncovered. Plain massage oil or an Aromatherapy blend can be used according to individual preference.

Starting with the upper back, upper arms and neck, a variety of massage techniques are used to warm the muscles, increase the circulation of blood to muscles and joints and work on areas of tension to reduce pain and stiffness.  The treatment then continues with massage of the scalp and hair, which releases tension and calms the emotions. Finishing with a relaxing massage of the face, with attention to pressure points and lymphatic drainage, the treatment should leave the client feeling relaxed yet energised and uplifted.

Who will benefit from Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful treatment for stress and of the symptoms we tend to feel as the body reacts to pressure from work, family, or life in general.

 Some examples are:
Muscle Tension in the Shoulders, Neck and Back
Feelings of being overwhelmed
Insomnia/Disturbed sleep
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Temporo-Mandibular Joint Tension (often caused by tensing the jaw or grinding the teeth)
Indian Head Massage can work really well with a Hopi Ear Candling Treatment, depending on the condition being treated. I can offer a discount for both treatments booked together, please ask.