Stress Management

A range of techniques such as mindfulness, goal setting and visualisation to reduce stress and improve clarity.

What is Mindful based Stress Management?

Stress is something we all suffer from at various points in our lives. For some people this will be a short term condition that comes and goes with difficult life events. Others will find it to be daily struggle which affects all areas of their life until eventually even minor things can seem impossible to deal with. No matter how often you feel the affects of stress and how powerfully you feel it, stress is a state of mind, which, left unchecked, can quickly turn into a physical condition.

A lot of the Holistic Treatments I carry out on a daily basis have stress as their route cause.

How does Mindful Based Stress Management Work?

We will work together using a variety of techniques such as mindfulness, communication, visualisation, breathing, positive intention, growth mindset and goal setting to reduce stress and improve clarity in a gentle and positive way.

We will discover new ways of looking at the different aspects of day to day life and how we can live in a more positive, less stressful way.
We can tailor this therapy to whatever you would like to achieve from it and work on whatever aspect of your life you would like to improve. This could be work/life balance, family, friends or even social life.

Bookable as a minumum of four sessions to ensure you get the maximum benefit from this therapy, and become a happier, more positive, less stressed version of your true self!

If you have any questions please ask.