Ten best calming crystals for your collection

Ten best calming crystals for your collection

Ten Best Calming Crystals for your Collection

I love everything about crystals and precious stones, from the way they look to the fabulous healing properties they hold for physical and emotional issues in humans and animals, and the spaces within our homes and workspaces. If you’ve been to my treatment room or home you’ll know I have them everywhere!

Crystals have their own powerful energy and are able to absorb negative energy as well as transmitting positive healing energy.

Each different crystal was formed in under specific conditions of heat, moisture and pressure and with different minerals present. They come from different countries throughout the world and because of this each type of crystal has unique properties which can be used for healing.

So… how do we choose a crystal?

Everything about crystals is intuitive, if you are looking at a display and you feel drawn to a particular crystal, it will always be the right one. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve chosen a crystal, then found out later what its used for and been amazed! If you already know which one you need, look at the selection on offer and choose the one that feels right for you.


How do we use crystals?

An obvious way is to wear your crystal as jewellery or pop it in a pocket, or have it next to your bed, under your pillow, near your computer or wherever you feel is right. It’s not necessarily the case that bigger is better, so don’t worry about carrying a housebrick sized chunk of quartz in your handbag, a tumblestone will do! 

Ten Best Crystals for Calm

1. Amethyst          Keywords – sleep, meditation, strength

Amethyst is a very popular crystal, well known for its beautiful purple or lavender colour. A powerful stone for cleansing, healing and protection from negative energy and stress, Amethyst is a useful aid for meditation, better quality sleep and dream recall. Helpful where insomnia is caused by an overactive mind, Amethyst also protects against recurrent nightmares and is a useful stone for children who have difficulty sleeping. Amethyst can also help with focus, visualisation and memory, bringing ideas together and improving motivation. A useful crystal for balancing the hormones and strengthening the immune system, Amethyst is also helpful for the cleansing and eliminating organs, digestive disorders and as a cleanser for the blood. I have Amethyst on my bedside table and if I’m struggling with quality of sleep (yes I have an overactive mind!!) I have a tumblestone I put under my pillow.

2. Clear Quartz          Keywords – healing, cleansing, restorative

Clear Quartz is the ultimate all-rounder of crystals, known as a master healer and energy amplifier. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance, cleanses the organs and helps to restore the body to health. Excellent for mind, body and spirit, Clear Quartz restores calm and relieves stress.This crystal raises energy to the highest possible level, filters out distractions and attunes to the spiritual realm, making it an excellent choice for meditation or healing of any kind. If you have had a Reiki treatment from me you may have noticed I use four clear quartz points, one at each corner of the couch and I use another one to draw the symbols at the beginning and end of the treatment.

3. Lapis Lazuli          Keywords – peace, harmony, truth

Lapis Lazuli is definitely one of my favourite crystals, distinctive because of its bright blue colour with gold flecks. This crystal is associated with the throat chakra, communication, compassion, honesty and truth. Known for releasing stress and bringing about a deep sense of peace, Lapis Lazuli harmonizes the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and restores balance to the mind and body. Lapis Lazuli is also associated with the third eye and opens communication with the spiritual realm, enhancing dream work and psychic ability. On a physical level, this crystal is useful for pain, in particular migraine, it helps to relieve insomnia and vertigo and lowers blood pressure.

4. Moonstone          Keywords – calm, feminine energy, intuition

Moonstone is a stone strongly connected to the moon, intuition and feminine energy, calming overreaction and stress and balancing and healing the emotions. Physically, Moonstone is an excellent stone for women, stabilising the hormones and female reproductive cycle at any stage of life, including pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding and menopause. Useful for eliminating toxins and fluid retention, Moonstone also helps with conditions of the skin, hair and eyes and is useful for insomnia and to prevent sleep walking. This crystal has traditionally been used to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, empathy and lucid dreaming and is thought to have enhanced properties at the time of the full moon. 

5. Tiger’s Eye          Keywords – balance, mood enhancing, healing

Tiger’s Eye is a brown/yellow stone, usually with stripes and a shiny, reflective appearance very much like a cat’s eye.  It combines the energy of the earth (brown) with the energy of the sun (yellow) for powerful protection against negativity, self doubt and blocked creativity. The heaven/earth aspect of this stone also allows access to spiritual energies for meditation and healing, whilst remaining firmly grounded. I use Tiger’s Eye in all my Reiki treatments for this reason. Tiger’s Eye also helps with clarity, conflict resolution and dilemma, lifting the mood and aiding depression. This stone is also useful for balance in all areas of life and can help with addiction and necessary but unwanted change.

6. Rose Quartz          Keywords – loving, encouraging, reassuring

Rose Quartz is another very popular stone, instantly recognizable by its pale pink colour. This is a stone of unconditional love, whether it’s for yourself or another person and is known as a powerful fertility stone.  Associated with the heart chakra, Rose Quartz opens up the heart on all levels, calming, reassuring, accepting and forgiving. This crystal strengthens empathy and sensitivity and enhances positive thoughts and affirmations, opening the heart to new possibilities. Rose Quartz is also an effective healer for the emotions, calming the mind, encouraging self worth and acceptance of the self. Physically, this crystal strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system and aids chest and lung problems, and is useful for cleansing the kidneys and adrenals. I have this lovely stone in most rooms in my house and carry a heart shaped stone in my handbag.

7. Blue Calcite          Keywords – restful, calming, soothing

Blue calcite is usually pale blue and is known as a calming stone, removing negative and stagnant energies and promoting relaxation and serenity. It calms the mind, helps with anxiety and stress and aids restful sleep.  This crystal helps with soothing the nerves, releasing negative emotions and is useful as an aid for difficult conversations. Physically,  Blue Calcite is helpful for lowering the blood pressure and aids the lymphatic system and intestines.

8. Sodalite          Keywords – expression, calm, insight

Sodalite is another crystal useful for meditation and deeper understanding, as it eliminates confusion and encourages rational thought, clarity, truth and intuition. It helps to calm the mind and promotes easier expression of thoughts and feelings, particularly in group situations (wear it around your neck in difficult meetings!) Rigid mindsets and previous mental conditioning can be released with this crystal, making way for new insight and clarity. Sodalite encourages emotional balance and self acceptance and helps to calm panic attacks.  Physically, Sodalite balances the metabolism, cleanses the organs, boosts the immune system and helps with disorders of the throat, larynx, vocal chords and digestive system.

9. Green Aventurine          Keywords – comfort, calm, clarity

Green Aventurine is known for being an all round healer, bringing balance, emotional wellbeing and calm. Especially useful to protect the heart on a physical level, balancing the blood pressure and cholesterol, soothing inflammation in the body and helping to heal disease. Also beneficial to the nervous system, Aventurine harmonises the emotions and neutralises negative emotions and thoughts, providing comfort and relief from stress.  Aventurine encourages perseverance and clarity of thought and soothes anger, aiding decision making.

10. Mookaite          Keywords – supportive, versatile, tranquil

Mookaite is a type of Jasper, very attractive with distinctive red/brown/orange/yellow colouring and sometimes with added pinks and creams. It encourages versatility, flexibility, new experiences and possibilities and is a good crystal for new beginnings and decision making. Mookaite also nurtures us and provides the calm and emotional balance needed to face the new beginnings and decisions! Supportive during times of stress, this crystal brings tranquility and a sense of wholeness and wellbeing. Physically, this crystal stabilizes and fortifies the immune and circulatory systems, heals wounds and purifies the blood.

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